2.10 – ALIEN CONTACTS (12.30.10)


Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk County, England. 80 miles northeast of London. During the Cold War, more than 12,000 American officers and enlisted men were stationed at two Air Force bases on the forest’s northern and southern edges: RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge. Shortly after midnight on December 26, 1980, military radar detected an unidentified flying object. And there were civilian reports of strange, flickering lights in the sky. Within minutes, military policemen, including Staff Sergeant James Penniston and Airman First-Class John Burroughs, were sent into the woods to investigate. What they encountered was something the experienced servicemen had never seen before.

“By the dissipating light, I started seeing a silhouette of a triangular craft. It was completely black in color, except for these occasional bits of blue and orange light and yellow light running through it.”

Tsgt. James Penniston (USAF, Ret.)

“There was blue lights. There was like an orange spear above it. There was a white light that would come out underneath it, and then there was like a misty orange haze.”

Tsgt. John Burroughs (USAF, Ret.)

In his report, Sergeant Penniston described the strange craft’s dimensions as roughly six and a half feet tall with nine-foot sides. He also noted unusual markings raised symbols similar to Egyptian hieroglyphs.

“I was expecting to find, I don’t know, USAF, something like that. And what I find is glyphs, pictorial glyphs, making no sense at all. Then I was running my hand over the side of the craft, it was very warm to touch.”

    – Tsgt. James Penniston (USAF, Ret.)

Upon touching the craft, the 26-year-old serviceman claimed he received a strange and powerful vision.

“It’s ones and zeros, and ones and ones, and it just makes no sense. Take my hands off it, it stopped. And then, uh then there was a bright flash of light.”

     – Tsgt. James Penniston (USAF, Ret.)

“And then at that point whatever it was appeared to go up in the air and take off and go back towards the coast. And we didn’t have any more contact.”

        – Tsgt. John Burroughs (USAF, Ret.)

Penniston and Burroughs were ordered by the deputy base commander to treat the alleged sighting as if it had never happened. Still, after three decades, James Penniston remains haunted by his strange vision. So, much so, that he felt compelled to keep a written record of it. A record he kept locked away for nearly 30 years.

“It’s like, like someone was holding a picture up, okay, of this, zeros and ones and I could see it in my mind’s eye, okay?  So I recorded those one afternoon. What do they mean? I don’t know.”

Tsgt. James Penniston (USAF, Ret.)

Could the strange numbers from James Penniston’s vision be some type of extraterrestrial code?  If so, Penniston would not be the first to claim to have received messages from otherworldly visitors. In fact, history is filled with accounts of people compelled into action by contact with what they claim to be an extraterrestrial, divine, or supernatural being.


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