2.4 – UNDERGROUND ALIENS (11.18.10)


The North Pole – a seemingly endless wasteland of Arctic ice, shrouded in darkness for six months of every year. Here, there is no food, no shelter, not even a cave to hide from the slashing winds and temperatures that can dive to 90 degrees below zero. But according to mainstream geology, beneath the pole and the Arctic Ocean lies the Earth’s mostly rocky crust, up to thirty miles thick. Below this is molten rock, heated by the planet’s spinning core, with a sold center of iron and nickel the size of the Moon. Scientists have deduced this information from measurements of Earth’s gravity, magnetism, and seismic waves. But no one has ever seen these areas. Could the frozen surface of the pole be hiding a gateway to a world within our surface world? There are those who believe the answer is, “yes.” And what they believe is known as the Hollow Earth Theory.

“The hollow Earth theory is that, this Earth is not molten inside. It is actually hollow, and that suspended in the hollow of the Earth is an inner sun.”

– Rodney Cluff
(Author, World Top-Secret: Our Earth is Hollow)

Surprisingly, the notion of a hollow Earth was first given scientific credence by one of the founders of modern astronomy.

“The idea that the Earth might be hollow, as a scientific notion, dates back to the astronomer Edmund Halley who is best known for his comet. In 1691 he presented to the London royal society his hypothesis that the Earth is hollow and contains several little spheres inside. Sort of like those Russian Matryoshska dolls. He was hypothesizing this for a very practical reason. The Earth’s magnetic pole moved a little bit every year to the west, and his idea was that our outer sphere had inner spheres that turned independently of the outer one. He also suggested that these interior spheres would also be able to support life.”

   – David Standish (Author, Hollow Earth)

In 1818, former U.S. Army Captain John Cleves Symmes, Jr., announced that there were vast openings at each pole where we could enter inner Earth.

“With Symmes, the idea of a hollow Earth gets tied into exploring for the pole. At this point, nobody had actually seen Antarctica, for instance.”

 – David Standish (Author, Hollow Earth)

The hollow Earth theory again captured the public’s imagination in 1864 with the release of Jules Verne’s second novel, A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

“The novel takes an Icelandic guide and a Professor and a young man down into the center of the Earth. Journey to the Center of the Earth could really have been called A Journey to the Center of Geology. Geology and paleontology were a very hot topic in the early 1860’s and there’s a lot of discussion of that in Journey to the Center of the Earth.”

David Standish (Author, Hollow Earth)

But, while Verne popularized the idea that extinct life forms might still exist inside the Earth, others envisioned that the Earth contained advanced underground civilizations.

“Supposedly, they have advanced technology. They’ve got ray guns and special weapons. And even they have flying saucers, other craft like that.”

   – David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

But is there any evidence that such fantastic claims could be true? And has anyone actually been to the world within our Earth? Proponents of the Hollow Earth Theory say, “yes,” and that one of the explorers was no less a luminary than famed polar pioneer admiral Richard E. Byrd. In the 1920s, Byrd made world headlines by flying over the North Pole, and by becoming the first man to fly solo over the South Pole. But Hollow Earth Theorists believe that the famous explorer went even farther, and that, on February 19, 1947, Admiral Byrd piloted a plane through a hole near the North Pole into the interior of the Earth.

“A flying saucer type craft took control of his airplane, with some kind of tractor beam and they landed him near an inner Earth city. And the message that they had for us was that they consider themselves the guardians of this planet, okay?  He says, ‘we don’t approve of you people using nuclear weapons.’  We had just blown up a couple of cities in Japan a couple of years before, so this was the message that he was given. But when he got to Washington, they put a lid of secrecy on this, that this was not to go out.”

– Rodney Cluff
(Author, World Top-Secret: Our Earth is Hollow)

Some say Admiral Byrd’s own account of this flight into the Hollow Earth is detailed in his secret diary, published in the 1990s, almost four decades after his death. But skeptics claim the diary is a forgery and point out that in February 1947, at the time Admiral Byrd was supposedly visiting this other world underneath the North Pole, he was actually part of a vast 4,700-man Naval exploration called “Operation High Jump,” 12,000 miles away, near the South Pole. But could Byrd’s inclusion in this large military operation at the South Pole have been merely a cover story?  Some people claim it was, and this allowed him to slip away to the other end of the planet, unnoticed by the media.

“Admiral Byrd, the rumor was, found a world of flying machines, and people, and more advanced than us…And that they helped him, and then he left again. It’s a myth. Nobody’s really been able to prove it, but it’s a great myth.”

George Noory (Radio Host, Coast to Coast AM)


Could there really be vast, open spaces within the Earth where advanced civilizations live? Could extraterrestrial gods really have come to Earth, centuries ago, and hidden the evidence of their journeys deep within caves and tunnels? Perhaps we have only just scratched the surface of our planet’s underground mysteries. If so, what clues to our distant past might still be waiting to be found, and hiding in the darkness?


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