3.14 – ALIENS & THE UNDEAD (10.26.11)


Judgment Day. The Day of Reckoning. In Judeo-Christian and Muslim traditions, it is the day at the end of time, when God will return and descend upon Earth to judge the living and the dead according to the good and evil of their earthly lives. Consistent with the most commonly held beliefs, God’s return will follow a sequence of events including Armageddon and the annihilation of all creatures, the resurrection of the dead and the reuniting of all souls with their physical bodies.

“The day of reckoning is when each man and woman is going to be held accountable for every word that they’ve said for every action that they’ve done. Where god will judge the souls of the living and the dead for anything that have done on this planet.”

Pastor Brett Peterson (President, Coastland Univ.)

“The Jewish belief is that except for pristine few most souls will go into a period of review, about a year, in which they go through their lives and see the things they’ve done wrong learn a thing or two, and then go on to the world to come.”

– Jonathan Young, Ph.D.
(Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

“Now, the Muslims or Islam, everyone dies and God raises them all back to life and there is nothing but judgment and the good Muslims will be taken to paradise and the bad ones will be thrown into outer darkness.”

Pastor Brett Peterson (President, Coastland Univ.)

Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that he will return to Earth on the day of reckoning to pass judgment on all souls, both living and dead. It is also the reason why Christians believe the human body should be buried and not cremated after death. But could the tombs and graves of the world really open one day and the dead rise again?

“According to traditional Christian belief, God creates a human being at the moment of conception, by infusing into the newly formed embryo an immortal soul. And that fusion of raw material and soul is what makes the human person. That’s why at the day of reckoning there has to be the resurrection of the dead, so that humans are restored to their original unity as body as soul combined.”

Michael Coogan, Ph.D. (Lecturer, Harvard Divinity School)

“This day of reckoning, we will find the souls of the departed will be reunited with their physical body which will be raised from the dead and reconstructed, probably genetically, by God himself.”

Pastor Brett Peterson (President, Coastland Univ.)

Ancient cultures throughout time also believed in the return of their gods and a day of reckoning. In ancient Mesoamerica, the Aztecs believed in feathered serpent gods that created the Universe, who would return one day to destroy evil and bring peace.

“In Central America, Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent with this wisdom bringer sometimes said to have come down from the sky world to spread this heavenly knowledge and wisdom and to bring salvation to the world.”

– Andrew Collins (Author, Gateway to Atlantis),
(The Cygnus Mystery), (Beneath the Pyramids),
(Göbekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods)

Dating to 150 BC, the Dead Sea Scrolls prophesize that the Sons of Darkness will be destroyed and the Sons of Light will live in peace for all eternity. And the concept of an omnipotent god who will return on Judgment Day also appears in one of the so-called lost books of the Bible – the Book of Enoch.

“The Book of Enoch talks about this great judgment for the unrighteous. That they will be judged with fire. That the Son of man will come with 10,000 fiery angels and they will judge mankind. After the final judgment, the Bible says the new Heaven is created, the new Earth is created and the New Jerusalem descends from Heaven onto the new Earth. The New Jerusalem is this cubical city 1,500 miles long, wide and high, made of translucent gold.  Many people would theorize that maybe it’s some sort of spaceship, some sort of UFO.”

Pastor Brett Peterson (President, Coastland Univ.)

But could there be an alien, or extraterrestrial, origin to the biblical stories of final judgment? Might it be as Ancient Astronaut Theorists contend, the day when we are once again visited by alien beings or perhaps alien ancestors?

“Some thousands of years ago extraterrestrials were here. They created first mankind by an artificial mutation. And now when they return, and, of course, the judgment will be, ‘Have you done what we were expecting for you?’ And the ones who understand what happened in the past, they will not be shocked, because they knew and they expected all the time what will happen.”

Erich von Däniken (Author, Chariots of the Gods?)

“In my mind, it’s when the extraterrestrials genuinely return to our planet and announce themselves and at that point, the humans who have achieved enlightenment will join with their brothers – the extraterrestrials, the Ancient Astronauts who created us – and we’ll all return to the stars.”

David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

Is it possible, as Ancient Astronaut Theorists propose, that in the end we are destined to encounter our alien origins, and if so, is there really truth to the notion that our existence does not end with death? And is there a world between life and death? One which leads to another, perhaps, extraterrestrial plane?


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